The whole gang

The whole gang

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Update 2016

This family picture is a little outdated! There are a few more family members now, but read & see the pictures below to get the full scoop and we'll hope to get a more current family picture!

CJ & Stephanie have moved back closer! They live in Gilbert now, near Germann & Power Rd. CJ is working with Steve Montoya, at Kidtastic Pediatric Dentistry (Fiesta Mall & Queen Creek & Maricopa locations) If you need, or know someone who needs, a good pediatric dentist, go see him! Stephanie works hard, as do all my amazing daughter in laws, being the best mommies for my precious grandchildren!

The biggest event this year was Charlie getting baptized in July.

Paul & Skye have been busy; New Job & New Baby! Paul now works for CB Contracting/K12 Defense Consultants (our company) We are truly blessed and benefitting from his years of marketing experience and skills in organization. Also Baby Reed joined the family in August! (sorry no family picture yet) It was fun to go up and be with them a few times this year!

Jerry & Jessica were excited to buy their own home this year! They live near Guadalupe & Ellsworth. We were sad to have them move farther away. It was so nice having them just down the street, but happy for them to have much more room! (we remember that 985 sq. ft. Dolphin house filled to the brim with children!) Jerry is a hard worker, also for the family company, where he travels a lot, but we hope that will change soon. Jessica is a consultant for Isagenix and excited to help people be healthier!

Her sweet sister, Janelle has moved here and now lives in the little Dolphin house with a roommate. That, and getting to have her at Sunday dinners, makes her practically part of the family!

Brandee has become an amazing and awesome new MOM! She has added 2 new people to our family (no, not twins) Marley, and her daddy, who we claim as family now too. Koby Carlson is a great dad, who works hard for their family, (as well as Brandee) and posts Marley pictures on his FB page each month on her monthly birthdates! They live in Murray, Utah. I don't think Brandee will be coming back to Arizona. She loves the mountains there too much, as well as Koby's family. It's been great to visit her there and see that happy, sweet baby girl that MY baby girl made!

Nana came too, and it was so fun to take a 4 generation picture together!

Kyle's big news is a new girlfriend, Allison McHugh. They are so cute together and we are impressed that she puts up with
the Walking Dead AND his Ugly Christmas Cat Sweater!
(we are actually impressed with much more than that! She's a real sweetie!)

I fully expect him at any minute to come in the house and re-enact this scene!

Jenni married Holden Kling on June 25, which ended up being the absolutely busiest weekend, not only of the year, but EVER! We went to Tucson the night before to attend CJs graduation, while there we got a call from Brandee that she was going in to early labor.  She kept us posted on how close her contractions were, and when she got to the hospital. The next day we got ready for the wedding (I thank the Lord for friends who decorated & did the food! Thank you!) After finding out that Marley had been born in the wee hours of the morning, we then had the wedding and a family dinner to congratulate the new couple! (sorry to leave anyone out, but we kept this one small, since it happened so fast!)  I then flew out the next morning to be with Brandee. WHEW! 

We did not get to make it up to Washington this year to see Nikki, Shaun and the boys but are hoping to get a job there in 2017, so we can all go! Here's their boy's latest picture!
(cool halloween costumes)

Update on our business: We've completed, tested & recently installed our new electromagnetic system, and are excited to finally have it taking off! Chuck is giddy with excitement, as any of you who talk to him about it can see! I am excited too, but more excited to cut back on my hours at the office!

We hope you and yours are well and wish you the best in this coming year! May we all hold on to the FAITH that will get us through these rocky times! God Bless!

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